Thermal Flywheel Refrigerated Air Dryer

Thermal Flywheel Refrigerated Air Dryer

A thermal flywheel refrigerated air dryer is a type of air dryer used in compressed air systems to remove moisture from the compressed air stream.

Here's how it generally works:

  1. Compression: Compressed air, containing moisture, enters the air dryer from the compressor.

  2. Pre-cooling: The incoming warm compressed air first passes through a heat exchanger where it is pre-cooled by outgoing cold air. This helps to reduce the load on the refrigeration system.

  3. Refrigeration: The pre-cooled air then enters the refrigeration system where it is further cooled to a temperature near its dew point. This causes the moisture in the air to condense into liquid water, which is then drained out of the system.

  4. Post-cooling: After the moisture is removed, the air is post-cooled by the outgoing cold air to further lower its temperature.

  5. Thermal flywheel: In a thermal flywheel system, there is an additional heat exchanger called a thermal flywheel. This component acts as a thermal mass that stores some of the cold energy generated during the cooling process. This stored energy can be used to cool the incoming warm compressed air during the next cycle, reducing the energy consumption of the system.

  6. Final drying: The air, now significantly drier, exits the air dryer and enters the compressed air system for various applications.

The thermal flywheel system improves the efficiency of the refrigeration process by utilizing the stored cold energy, thereby reducing the energy consumption and operating costs of the air dryer. It's particularly useful in applications where there are fluctuations in compressed air demand, as it can help maintain consistent dew point performance while minimizing energy usage.

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