Heat Less Air Dryer

Heat Less Air Dryer

A heatless air dryer is a type of regenerative desiccant dryer used to remove moisture from compressed air without the need for external heat sources. It's called "heatless" because it doesn't rely on external heaters for the regeneration of the desiccant material. Instead, it uses a twin tower design with two desiccant-filled beds to achieve moisture removal.

Here's how a heatless air dryer typically operates:

  1. Adsorption Phase: Moisture-laden compressed air enters one of the desiccant beds. As the air passes through the bed, the desiccant material adsorbs moisture from the air, leaving the compressed air dry.

  2. Switching Phase: After a set period of time or when the desiccant bed becomes saturated with moisture, the dryer switches to the other desiccant bed. This allows the first bed to undergo regeneration.

  3. Depressurization: The saturated desiccant bed is depressurized to atmospheric pressure to prepare it for regeneration.

  4. Purge Phase: A small portion of the dry compressed air from the outlet of the other desiccant bed is redirected through the saturated bed in the opposite direction of the airflow during the adsorption phase. This dry purge air carries away the moisture adsorbed by the desiccant material, regenerating the bed.

  5. Repressurization: After regeneration, the desiccant bed is repressurized to the operating pressure of the compressed air system.

  6. Switch Back: The dryer switches back to the regenerated desiccant bed for the next adsorption phase, and the cycle repeats.

Heatless air dryers are often used in applications where a reliable source of external heat may not be available or where energy consumption needs to be minimized. They are suitable for achieving low dew points and are commonly found in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics manufacturing, and laboratories, where moisture-sensitive processes or equipment are present. While heatless dryers are energy-efficient, they may have higher purge air requirements compared to heated desiccant dryers.

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